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Our outdoor Kitty has developed the slightest modicum of trust for us — he started eating his breakfast this morning even as I sat on the garage step just a few feet from him. I had to coax him him out from under Renee's car, which took awhile, but eventually his hunger surpassed his fear and he slinked his way to the plate and started to eat. Here's hoping we can build on this!

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photo posted by matt in Monday, November 1, 2021

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Our feral cat came for dinner tonight, too. I love it when Lucy watches him eat from the laundry room. I think he'd tear her apart if they ever encountered each other, but she sure loves watching him a safe spot inside the house.

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photo posted by matt in Saturday, April 17, 2021

Kitty came back for seconds tonight. He's never done that before. So, good news is he's comfortable entering the garage again; bad news is he's more hungry that usual.

And, yes, we just call him 'Kitty.'

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postposted by matt in Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Our feral cat returned tonight. We trapped him in the garage last week to give him shelter from the extreme cold and snow. He wasn't happy about it - stayed away for a few days. But, he was back early this morning and again tonight. I guess he's done being mad at us for giving him shelter, a warm bed (in the wooden house in the pic), and food and water.

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photo posted by matt in Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Our vagabond kitty returned tonight after a three day absence. He would have set a new record for days away had he not come tonight. And he was starving - scarfed down to cans of food in a matter of minutes! Renee and I were both happy to see him.

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photo posted by matt in Monday, November 16, 2020

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We've been feeding a feral cat for weeks. As the weather gets colder, we're worrying about where he'll find shelter for the winter. Over the last week or so we've lured him into the garage for dinner. Tonight we set out a box with a towel and lined a path with treats, hoping to show him the way to a comfortable and warm bed. He ate the treats and investigated the box, but didn't stay. We'll keep trying.

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photo posted by matt in Thursday, October 15, 2020