October 11, 2020


Flyby Thanksgiving Trial

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Early morning skies had us wondering if Jake would be able to fly today. The clouds cleared almost as we arrived at the airport, though, giving him a perfect day.

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Patent marks on a Tokheim Corporation fuel dispenser (Matt Buchanan/Fremont Airport, Fremont, OH)

Sure enough, I found a great patent plate on the side of the fuel dispenser. Several U.S. design and utility patents.

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We're all starting to wonder what holiday dinners will look like this Fall and Winter. Eating outside is best in light of COVID, but who knows what the weather will be like on Thanksgiving and Christmas. We had Pat and Denny over for dinner tonight and it felt like a little bit of a trial run. It was bit chilly out, so we lit a fire and ate around the firepit. Not bad, but I think we're all hoping for a mild November. And December.

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An empty root beer bottle and a post-meal paper plate rest on a stone wall of a firepit with a fire in the background (Matt Buchanan/Perrysburg, OH)

The sign of a great meal - a clean plate!

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